Maintaining a beautiful body and regaining the curves and firmness of a tones body requires a healthy life style. In the majority of cases the restructuring of your figure means dealing with various causes that have to be identified, taking account of individual needs. The GERnétic body range treats the different effects with products perfectly adapted to each individual need to help you rediscover a younger and slimmer figure.

Whatever your own particular concern is, GERnétic Laboratories offer you a range of products specially designed to meet your slimming requirements in an effective and long-lasting way.

Women’s concern with their figure is often based on many factors: weight swings due to age, pregnancy or repeated dieting resulting in a loss of elasticity, tone and firmness of the skin; the appearance of cellulite resulting from poor-micro-circulation and a reduced elimination of dead cells; superfluous fat resulting from a poor use of calories and the storage of uncomely reserves.

  • Lympho – Tonic lotion for the body

    Its relaxing virtues bring relief to tired legs, leaving you with a pleasant feeling of well-being. This lotion accelerates micro-circulation, thus increasing the rapidity and efficacy of the beauty care products effects. Active Ingredients: A biological compound rich in amino acids and trace elements Horse chestnut, ginseng and seaweed... more

  • Veinulo Special Plus – Body cells booster

    A cellular stimulant that rebuilds the walls of blood capillaries and veins. A treatment for legs with unsightly vascular problems. Active ingredients Vitamin PP, B3 nicotinic acid. Vitamin E alpha tocopherol. Biofiltrate of lactobacillus Casei, containing l-lactic acid and small peptide fragments. Filtrate rich in cellular growth factor... more

  • Vasco Artera – “Orange skin” body cream

    The quintessential of a body cream to effectively combat cellulite, by enabling a better micro-circulation thus making your legs feel lighter. Its draining effects result in the elimination of the dead cells of the resistant areas, with the concomitant elimination of cellulite, leaving you with a smooth and attractive figure. Active... more

  • Adipo Gasta – Resculpting body cream

    By balancing and regulating the digestive system, it slims the figure and reduces superfluous fat, enabling you to rediscover your attractive figure. Its extremely smooth texture ensures rapid penetration, enabling you to dress immediately after application. Active Ingredients: Biological compounds rich in proteins Vitamins A B1 & B6 and... more

  • Somito – Firming body cream

    Many different factors will weaken the skin’s tone. It is therefore essential to preserve cutaneous firmness by reinforcing elasticity. Somito works to prevent cutaneous slackening and stimulate epidermal vitality. Active Ingredients: A biological proteinic compound Amino acids Fibrostil Trace elements including calcium and magnesium Home... more

  • Anti-Stries – Bust and body cream

    Preventing and curative cream for the distension of the skin’s tissues. With their exceptional; nourishing power, the active ingredients contained in Anti-Stries enable a better synthesis of the collagenase, producing enough natural quantities of collagen and elastin to ensure the elasticity and the restructuring of the distended... more

  • Vital Transfer Body – Shaping cream

    A unique texture, a round and velvet marine fragrance. Contains Lavender, Marine scent, Lotus, Lime, Cedar Wood and White Musk Usage:    To be applied morning and night in small quantity by light effleurage on the whole face. Active Ingredients: Squalane:          for a biomimetic action. It has an excellent affinity with skin... more

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