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We are looking for enthusiastic therapists throughout the UK to promote the GERnétic Skincare Range. We supply Professional Therapists and Medical Practitioners in 52 countries worldwide. We pride ourselves on giving rigorous training and our GERnéticians are known for being ambitious and professional.

We promise:

* No minimum order, orders shipped within 24 hours of processing.

* Free training at our dedicated headquarters with training staff with over 30 years’ experience.

* Support: we are highly invested in supporting the success of our salon partners and we do this in a variety of ways.

We want your customers to experience the amazing benefits of using GERnétic, so we provide samples of all our products for them to try. We love our products and we know they will too. We also provide beautifully designed catalogues, flyers and magazines.

* Results: GERnétic’s advanced, highly concentrated and effective products address the specific needs of the skin with exceptional results.

These extraordinary results mean increased customer loyalty.

GERnétic inspires incredible loyalty from consumers and salons alike – because we deliver exceptional, visible and lasting results.

With products that truly work to improve the overall look and texture of the skin, GERnétic helps your salon retain a satisfied loyal clientele. And consumer loyalty is every salon’s ultimate objective as repeat business is critical to your salon’s success. You may sell more treatments and products in a year to a loyal repeat GERnétic customer than you might to ten first-time customers.

Loyal customers are also easier to sell to in higher volumes. This happens naturally when they love the results they experience.

Customer referral is one of our most powerful marketing tools. Clients who see immediate results will be keen to share their secret with friends, who will then be eager to try out your salon for themselves. GERnétic’s great results make all this easier for you.

* Profit: We offer a premium product with premium profits. Not only do our products achieve results but they also give you an exceptional opportunity to increase your salon profit.


GERnétic values excellence and encourages professional development through training. For that reason, we offer on-going training, a training DVD and technical support by phone.


GERnétic has evolved into a very large professional range for salon and home. Our products treat the whole scale of beauty problems, such as dryness, dehydration, oiliness, acne, poor immunity, reactive and sensitive skin (eczema, psoriasis, rosacea), pigmentation and ageing. Well-being and beauty don’t end with the face.

Our full range of body products addresses cellulite, body contouring and loss of elasticity.

The SPA range includes detoxifying body-wraps, treatment creams, salt peeling and a range of essential oils and bath salts.

A specific range of bust products was developed to enhance the harmony of this delicate area.

GERnétic is truly comprehensive, so there’s no need to look further to treat the skin. Join us and discover how effective our products really are.

Please do not hesitate to contact Marguerite Thorpe or Nadja Fengler on 01202 309690 or 01202 309913 for more information. Or Email us

We have 30 years of GERnétic experience, so choose the best start for your business

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