Take advantage of the sun’s benefits: The fruit of avant-garde technology, the sun protection line developed by GERnétic Laboratories will help you, whatever your age or skin type is, to reap the most benefits from the sun while at the same time procuring maximum protection and preserving your skin’s suppleness and hydration.

GERnétic’s sun protection range allows you to tan “intelligently” by preserving the specific characteristics of your skin. The use of this sun care product must not lead to excess sun exposure.

  • Melano 15

    Recommended for darker skin less sensitive to the sun. This softening and nourishing milk prevents dehydration of the skin while allowing a natural tan. Melano 15 prevents pigmentation spots and rashes. It stimulates the synthesis of collagen, allowing the restructuring of the dermal matrix. Active ingredients Sun protection complex based on UVA... more

  • Melano 30

    Melano 30 is a maximum sun protection cream suitable for all skin types, for the face and body. Melano 30 brings nutrition and protection to your skin. It protects against dryness, sunburn, pigmentation spots and skin cancer. Active Ingredients: Shea butter: A biological compound rich in vitamins and trace elements High quality sun filters Home... more

  • Melano 50

    GERnétic International sunscreen range allows "smart" tan keeping the skin individual characteristic for optimal prevention and protection. Protects efficiently against the harmful effects of the sun, can be used as makeup base. Guaranteed UVB and UVA protection factors. Tested for skin tolerance and skin safety, under dermatological... more

  • GG Cream

    Crème GG – Perfecting and illuminating face care 6 in 1

    This innovative cream instantly transform the skin, making it brighter. It contains illuminating agents for immediate optical correction. It also combines all the elements necessary for the proper cells functioning and cells life for long term efficacy. Smooth during the application and a light coverage with a shade that suits all skin types... more

  • Gèl après Soleil – After Sun Gel

    It soothes the effects of sunburn and gives an instant feeling of cool freshness. Its anti-inflammatory and calming ingredients neutralise superficial redness. Its in-depth action repairs and moisturises tissues and prevents skin ageing thank to its active ingredients. Home use: as required To be applied several times a day on damaged... more

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