Body Care

  • Confort Corps Marin – Marine Body Comfort

    This gel is very rapidly absorbed and leaves no residue. It relieves heavy legs and helps reduce "orange peel skin". Refreshing and toning actions. Composed with plants, vitamins, amino acids and sea active elements extracts Active Ingredients: 6 seaweed extracts Amino acids Plant extracts including hazel tree, virginia vine, knee holly,... more

  • Beauté Corps Marin – Marine Body Beauty

    It helps to reshape the body and regain a slender figure. Composed with plants, amino acids and seaweeds’ extracts. Active Ingredients: Seaweed extracts including Fucus vesiculosus, Ascophyllum nodosum, and Palmaria palmata Essential amino acids (L-carnitine) Plant extracts including dandelion, hawthorn and artichoke Home Use: AM & or/... more

  • GERthérapi Crème de Massage – With essential oils New

    This  GERthérapi Massage Cream with essential oils exceptional and unique properties. Relaxing and anti-stress actions. Active ingredients A blend of 100% pure organic virgin macadamia and grape seed oils Essential oils of Ravensara aromatica and Cymbopogon citratus Plant extracts: artichoke, cypréééess, burdock, horse chestnut Home use:... more

  • Spa Beauty Oil – Macadamia Oil

    Oil that regenerates the cells membranes, restructures the skin tissues and protects the skin. Anti-oxidizing, nourishing, calming properties, it is suitable for all skin types including the sensitive ones. Anti-stress and energising actions. To be used as often as wishes. Active ingredients two remarkably rich oils: Macadamia and Grapeseed... more

  • Sels de Bain – with essential oils

    Take it easy and enjoy a relaxing, heathy bath. GERnétic Int.’s Bath Salts are original and innovative. Made from a combination of crystallised sea water and an essential oil with a whole range of qualities, these Bath Salts help you unwind and relax, and protect you from stress. Whe used in a bath at 38°C, the natural active ingredients are... more

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