Face Care

  • Nettoyant Gommant Marin – Marine Gumming Cleanser

    Cleansing and exfoliating gel enabling perfect make-up removal and deep pore cleansing while desquamating dead skin cells. The skin becomes extremely soft and pleasing to the touch. Active Ingredients: Marine sediments rich in trace elements Home Use: a few times a week Gently massage a small quantity of Marine Cleanser all over the face and... more

  • Marine Day Base

    Day cream and make-up base, easily absorbed, leaves no residue. Revitalising action, it boosts cells renewal all day long. It contains a sunscreen. Active Ingredients: Vegetal extracts Glycoproteins Mineral and trace elements to combat cellular fatigue Home Use: AM Use Marine Day Base in the morning, by itself or after your specific cream.... more

  • GerLift – Cream with tensor effect

    Cream with firming effects, easily absorbed. Quick, lasting and spectacular effects, it makes the skin smooth and supple while giving it all its radiance. It stimulates the growth of the extra-cellular matrix. Active Ingredients: Six biological compounds extracted from micro-algae, marine peptides and trace elements. Home Use: AM & PM Use... more

  • Masque Marin – Marine Mask

    Supple cream mask with soothing, toning, remineralising and rejuvenating properties. Created for all aged, demineralized, dehydrated, wrinkled skins and sagging tissues. Active Ingredients: A marine compound rich in trace elements including zinc cobalt, manganese and potassium Plant extracts Kaolin Home Use: once or twice a week After... more

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