Pollution and sebum excess clog your skin’s pores and tarnish your complexion. Even the best of creams will have no effect on your skin if you are still wearing make-up. Your very first beauty routine to preserve a clear and luminous complexion is to thoroughly remove the make-up, without causing damage to the skin (avoid soaps with excessively acid pH balance). Once impurities are eliminated, your skin becomes suppler, refreshed and clean, ready to take in the superior action of the creams.

  • Glyco – Cleansing milk for the face

    This smooth, refreshing make-up remover, rich in milk glycol-proteins, delicately and totally eliminates all trace pf make-up. Its rich composition enhances its cleansing action, bringing comfort and softness, leaving your skin clear, smooth and dazzlingly clean. Active Ingredients: Glycoproteins Calendula oil Home Use: AM and/or PM Apply to... more

  • Fibro – Tonic lotion for the face

    This is the ideal complement to the GLYCO lotion to complete cleansing by removing the last traces of make-up and dead cells which dull your complexion. The Fibro lotion, guaranteed alcohol-free and, which its rich complex synergy of plants to control the pH of your skin, purifies your complexion giving it a renewed, vigorous, bright... more

  • Demaquillant Douceur – all skin types make-up remover

    Cleansing, soothing and refreshing lotion, which relieves tired eyes. It prepares your skin to receive the specific GERnétic face care products. A wave of energy and comfort for your skin. Suitable for all kinds of skins. Ideal to clean the skin deeply and to remove eye make-up and foundation. Active Ingredients Soft tensio-active agents in... more

  • Derma – Face cleansing

    Derma liquid soap is a highly recommended cleanser for greasy and problematic skins thanks to its cleansing, purifying and gentle drying actions. Its light emulsion cleans the skin gently but deeply. Active Ingredients: Coconut oil 5 essential amino acids Home Use: AM or PM, a few times a week. Gently massage a small quantity of Derma all... more

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