Your skin over-reacts to emotions and outside aggressions by reddening, hot flushes or stretching. React fast to combat this sensitivity

  • Synchro – Regulating face care

    Often copied but never equalled, the Synchro cream with its regenerative powers is designed to nourish and revitalise your skin. As a basic cream for all GERnétic beauty products, it is applied after the majority of other creams and sometimes in combination with them. Its synchronising action reinforces them and accelerates the results. Thanks... more

  • Vasco – Cream for sensitive skin

    Vasco is a special beauty care product for sensitive skins, providing comfort and softness without altering your natural complexion by protecting it from outside aggressions. Active Ingredients: Plants extracts including camomile, St John’s Wort, coltsfoot, mallow and sage. A biological compound rich in amino acid and vitamins PP and E. Home... more

  • Immuno – Restructuring face mask

    For a cleansing, astringent and regenerating action. Mixed with an equal quantity of Synchro cream, it will have the best purifying and anti-ageing action. Active Ingredients: A biological compound rich in amino acids and trace elements Kaolin Home Use: As a mask: once or twice a week As a regenerating cream: AM, mixed in equal quantities... more

  • Cold Cream Mousse 50ml

    Cold Cream Mousse 50ml

    The term COLD CREAM comes from Greek physician Claudius Galien who invented a cream with an extremely refreshing texture which had protective, nourishing and soothing benefits for sensitive skin. GERnétic International follows in Galien's footsteps with this new innovative and exciting product. COLD CREAM MOUSSE with highly-effective active... more

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