Blackheads and blemishes are caused by sebum excess. We designed skin care creams that regulate all excess while deep-cleansing your skin in order to avoid the appearance of these unpleasant symptoms.

  • Synchro – Regulating face care

    Often copied but never equalled, the Synchro cream with its regenerative powers is designed to nourish and revitalise your skin. As a basic cream for all GERnétic beauty products, it is applied after the majority of other creams and sometimes in combination with them. Its synchronising action reinforces them and accelerates the results. Thanks... more

  • Octo – Purifying cream

    To combat blackheads in greasy skin and to eliminate subcutaneous blemishes. Active Ingredients: Plant extracts including Burdock, Mallow, Myrrh, Plantain, Ivy and Thyme Home Use: AM Use a small amount on T zone and/or on areas affected by blackheads. Follow with a very small quantity of your Synchro or Synchro 2000 nutritive... more

  • Immuno – Restructuring face mask

    For a cleansing, astringent and regenerating action. Mixed with an equal quantity of Synchro cream, it will have the best purifying and anti-ageing action. Active Ingredients: A biological compound rich in amino acids and trace elements Kaolin Home Use: As a mask: once or twice a week As a regenerating cream: AM, mixed in equal quantities... more

  • Mixed and Oily Skin – Special Cream

    Genuine treatment, very efficient for cutaneous imperfections (blackheads, dilated pores, spots …) Very gentle / pleasant cream, leaves no trace. Active Ingredients: A lipo-amino acid rich in hydroxyproline A plant compound with myrrh, burdock, plantain, thyme A cellular nutritional factor with amino acids and B-lacto globulin Home Use: AM... more

  • Peaux Jeunes – Cream for cutaneous imperfections

    Especially designed to re-establish the pH of the skin and to regulate seborrhoea, the cream Peaux Jeunes purifies and tighten the skin’s pores. It calms irritations, reduces outbreaks. A real treatment of cutaneous imperfections (blackheads, dilated pores, spots...) that often worry the teenagers, its nice texture penetrates rapidly. Active... more

  • Argini – Cream mask

    This mask purifies the epidermis and absorbs excessive sebaceous secretion. It revitalises and stimulates the epidermis and maintains its natural moisturisation. Your skin will be healthier, fresher and more radiant. Active Ingredients: Camomile, witch hazel, cucumber extracts Sweet almond oil Kaolin Home Use: once or twice a week After... more

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