A firm and toned bust

GERnétic bust products: the result of years of researches. It brings the answers to the concerns of the ones who want to keep their attractive bust, or to recover muscular tone and firmness and of those whose breasts are under and over developed. The curve of your bust depends on the skin tone and on supporting muscles.

  • Seino – Tonic lotion for the bust

    Composed of plants rich in tonic virtues, it revitalises and strengthens the bust support tissues and prepares them for the application of specific beauty care creams. Active Ingredients: Biological compounds rich in amino acids and hops, hamamelis and ginseng extract Home Use: AM or PM Apply a little lotion all over the bust before any other... more

  • Endo Special Plus – Cells booster

    Cell booster for breast tissues. Helps to balance and firm up the breast, and to enhance the effect of other bust products. Active Ingredients: 100% natural and organic Plant extracts including horsetail for its natural silica content Biological compounds rich in biopeptides Amino acids Vitamins and trace elements Home Use: two to three... more

  • Macro 2000 – Balancing cream for the bust

    The bust care and bust balance are linked together with the overall good health of the woman's physiological system. We cannot separate the bust from the importance of nutrition, digestive system, all linked to the endocrinal system and overall good health. The deficiencies of an industrial nutrition lead to many digestive disorders, which... more

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