Don’t wait for your skin to warn you! Nowadays, face care for men is in greater demand. Each year the average age is higher, it is therefore advisable to take care of your skin in order to look younger for longer.

Having a well-moisturised, well cared and less wrinkled complexion is an additional asset to the personal and professional life.

  • Gel Men – Men Soap Gel

    The Men Soap Gel cleanses and purifies the face and hands. Especially created for Men, it leaves the skin soft, clean and pleasing to the touch. The Men Soap Gel eliminates any excess sebum, your skin is no longer shiny or greasy. Good facial care begins with a deep cleansing. Active Ingredients: Active elements from marine sources Plant... more

  • Lift for Men

    Genuine forming actions on facial skin and hands, Lift Men repairs and smooths out any deep wrinkles. Easily absorbed, it leaves no oily residue. Rapid, spectacular and lasting results. You will notice an immediate effect on your skin. Gently smooths out wrinkles and allows fine lines to fade away. Active Ingredients: Compounds from the plant... more

  • Hydra Men

    Moisturizing your skin is essential. Hydra Men is a very light texture cream, easily absorbed, which leaves not oily residue. Your skin becomes softer, more refreshed and looks healthier. It recovers its balance. Hydra Men supplies the very core of the cells with all the elements essential for nourishing your skin. Active Ingredients: Calendula,... more

  • Baume après Ragase – After Shave Balsam

    The After Shave Balsam immediately soothes skin irritated by shaving. Its very light texture leaves no residue and your skin feels fresher and becomes softer to the touch. Alcohol free, it gently and effectively moisturizes your skin. It leaves you feeling good every day. Active Ingredients: Extracts from horsetail, camomile, arnica, calendula... more

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