With time, your skin is less efficient and requires more time to eliminate dead cells. Your complexion becomes dull, asphyxiated and small imperfections are more likely to appear. Make-up removing skin care is not enough to fight against this natural phenomenon and to help you keep a fresh, luminous complexion. This is why we created gentle exfoliant treatments that restore immediate radiance.

  • Gernetic Ger Peel

    Ger Peel – Face and body scrub

    Ger-Peel is used on irritation-free skins of all ages that have a tendency to become oily and that present blackheads. Its innovative active ingredients stimulate cellular dynamic and effectively eliminate dead cells by restoring youthfulness to your face. Complexion is more luminous and thoroughly deep-cleansed. This cream contains... more

  • Flower Acid – Flower Acids Lotion

    New generation lotion with flowers’ acids. It contains AHA 9Alpha-hydroxy acids). Improves cells renewal by inducing highly effective and enjoyable exfoliant activity, without causing damage to the skin’s cells. At the correct concentration, alpha-hydroxy acids will: promote cell renewal, soften and lighten the skin, smooth out cutaneous... more

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