There is no beauty without good health

Health and beauty guru Marguerite Thorpe is an internationally acclaimed beauty specialist by maintaining a standard of excellence throughout her career. Undoubtedly, her medical background has instilled in her the need to care for the complete well-being of her clients. For Marguerite, beauty is not just ’skin-deep’ but relates essentially to the whole person. Her mantra is that you cannot have beauty without good health this is why she chose to use the GERnétic range.

She says that GERnétic is more than just a cosmetic, it is nutrition through the skin. It has given her the opportunity to successfully treat from the simplest to the most challenging conditions.

Prevention is better than cure and the value of that philosophy is never more true than with regard to our skin. GERnétic is built on the knowledge that science and nature, working hand in hand, can produce beautiful results. GERnétic products combine potent, specialised ingredients, like amino acids, vitamins, protein, marine and trace elements, to prevent the onset of skin conditions and tackle existing problem areas.

The appearance of your skin may be influenced by nature, but it’s defined by how you nurture and care for it.

In keeping with today’s holistic approach, that there is no beauty without good health, GERnétic has maintained its prestigious reputation for top quality products and recommending nutritional and lifestyle advice to its clients alongside their beauty treatments. GERnétic is known in the business as a “problem solver extraordinaire”.

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