Vital Transfer Face

Vital Transfer Face is a  skillfully dosed treatment with high-performance active ingredients based on phytoestrogens synergy. Discover a silky texture that melts on contact with the skin; velvety, thick with a non-greasy, non-sticky satin finish.

These isoflavons re-launch the mechanisms of action by using cellular estrogen receptors. As true stimulators of youth in the menopausal period, they provide to each skin layer a supplementary essential element to its optimal functioning.

Its broad spectrum has been specially designed for very mature skin with clinical signs – extreme dryness, lack of

elasticity, loss of density – caused by hormonal deficiency.


Further Active Ingredients:

A unique texture, a round and velvet summer fragrance. Contains Peach, Cassis, Bergamot, Jasmine, Rose, Violet, Musk, Foam and Sandalwood

Squalane:   for a biomimetic action. It has an excellent affinity with skin thanks to its biological similarity with natural skin fats.

Non-Denatured (Native) Collagen with an immuno-Regulator Impact.

Bee’s Wax: contains vitamin A that provides hydrating and protective properties: forms a waterproof film on skin that protects it from external aggression and dryness.

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