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GERnétic is the radical skincare range that treats skin cells with the love and respect they deserve! GERnétic is the radically peaceful solution to skincare.

The beauty industry is obsessed with exfoliation and awash with harsh and abrasive treatments and chemicals that leave the skin vulnerable to external factors. These products promise instant gratification, but cost the long-term health and beauty of your skin. GERnétic is different. It is based on advanced cellular therapy, and knows that healthy skin cells are essential for beautiful skin! Treating skin cells gently, not harshly, is the key to great skin. This is why GERnétic makes love to the skin rather than war on it!

At the heart of GERnétic’s research is a healthy respect for the skin’s natural defences, cycles and capacity to heal itself. The skin’s protective acid mantle is its first line of defence against pollution and other external factors that can lead to premature ageing. Aggressive products actively damage this delicate and important part of the skin, as they slough away the outer layers of the skin to leave the younger cells prematurely exposed to the elements. GERnétic doesn’t attack the skin’s natural defences, but strengthens them. Their advanced formulas feed skin cells the essential vitamins, peptides and other nutrients they need to thrive. This stimulates the healthy turnover of new skin cells, revealing skin that glows with vitality. It is a completely safe process, free from pain or damage.

GERnétic’s champion product, Synchro is a great example of advanced cellular skincare. Synchro regenerates the basal cells of the epidermis, literally healing the skin from within. It regulates the skin’s natural functions and restores its natural defence system by feeding essential nutrients to the cells, enhancing skin’s functions. Synchro is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial & anti-fungal. It heals numerous skin problems and leaves skin healthy, resilient and beautiful. It is true cellular love: always nurturing, never destructive.

Experience the difference of truly revolutionary skincare products that work at a cellular level to empower your skin to regenerate and heal itself.

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