Mr Laporte With Marguerite Thorpe

Mr Laporte the creator of GERnétic beauty products in France built a close working relationship with Marguerite Thorpe of England which spanned over 30 years.

Having met Monsieur Albert Laporte in France in 1982, she learned of his new scientific approach to beauty through cellular therapy. Marguerite Thorpe brought GERnétic to the UK in 1983 and was one of the first practitioners to introduce the concept of cellular therapy to this country. They worked and travelled together as Marguerite shared his vision of combining natural ingredients and the miracle of science in skincare to promote skin regeneration and fight the ageing process.

Marguerite has always been a lead advocate of the GERnétic range of products and still helps many people with their beauty problems. She has a wealth of beauty experience that she brings to her beauty business both locally and nationally on a daily basis. She has always followed Mr. Laporte’s principle of not only treating the symptoms, but also the cause of the problem as there is no beauty without good health.

Mr Albert Laporte

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