Introducing GG Cream

GERnétic’s expertise in skin care is now pushing the boundaries of make-up, creating GG Crème – a new and exciting generation in make up foundation.

The single shade adapts to all complexions and instantly transforms the skin, making it smooth and radiant.

GG Cream

A Perfecting and Illuminating Cream, GG Cream is not your average foundation, marrying the beauty of make up with the skin care properties that GERnétic is famous for.  Packed with natural plant extracts, peptides, oils and nutritive molecules, GG Cream stimulates cell growth and enhances the health of the skin.

Finally, make-up that is actually good for your skin!

Discover luminous skin that is full of vitality with GERnétic’s GG Cream and change the way you think about make-up.

Key Ingredients

Biotechnology Ferments, peptides, oils and plant extracts, nutritive molecules, cell growth stimulator and natural skin anti-fatigue factor.  GG Cream associates all the necessary elements for proper cellular health and functions.

Skin Conditions

Ideal for all skin types all year round. A single shade is adapted to all complexions:

Light complexion: gives a healthy glowing look

Dark complexion: evens out the skin tone & hides any imperfection


The skin appears luminous, regains its vitality and is protected. The skin no longer shines, its touch is soft and powdery

Usage Instructions

Apply GG Cream evenly to the entire face and neck as a day base for a natural effect on top of the necessary GERnétic Skin Care products.

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