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GERnétic is based on advanced cellular therapy and biotechnology. This means our products harness the purest, most powerful active ingredients possible and these are delivered in such a way as to help the skin repair itself from within.


Cellular biology is a discipline that studies the physiological properties of cells, including their structure, nutritional needs, life cycle, division and death.

Knowing the components of cells and how they work is fundamental to all biological sciences. This knowledge is at the core of GERnétic’s remarkable products.

GERnétic recognises that cellular therapy is a very powerful way of treating any organ, including the skin. It can harness the body’s ability to recover its health and harmony when its cells are properly nourished. GERnétic applies this knowledge to all our highly effective products. They work through the trans-dermal transfer of naturally sourced active molecules to address specific beauty conditions from within the cells.

GERnétic products bring essential nutrients that encourage the skin to repair itself, balance its functions and strengthen its immunity for better protection against all environmental aggressors. For example, GERrnétic products do not contain collagen; rather they contain nutritional molecules that work with the body to stimulate its natural production of collagen.

GERnétic’s approach does not require on-going desquamations. Our research shows that these damage the skin’s protective mantle and leave it vulnerable to the environment. Instead, the strength, dosage and combination of nutritional molecules contained in GERnétic encourage a healthy cell turnover, avoiding a build-up of dead cells. This is a gentle and radically effective approach to skin care.


Biotechnology is the cutting-edge technology used to obtain the powerful active & nutritional molecules in GERnétic products.

It involves the fermentation of plant cells with micro-organisms to produce compounds that yield a high concentration of amino acids, peptides, bio-peptides, proteins, vitamins and other valuable molecules.

These molecules have the exact size and polarity that allow them to be delivered deep into the skin, directly to the cells where healing and regeneration occur.

The synergetic active ingredients in GERnétic products are:


The active ingredients in GERnétic are 100%, extracted from marine and plant life. Plant extracts are obtained from organically produced plants that are grown under highly controlled conditions and harvested when their nutritional content is at its highest.

GERnétic’s growth techniques provide raw ingredients that are purer and far more reliable and potent than normally grown ones.

Research is of critical importance to GERnétic and enables us to continue to offer innovative advanced skin care products that target and resolve the full range of beauty concerns.

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