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Parfait Set

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The story of our lives is told by our skin. We wouldn’t want to miss the memories but most of us would love to smooth away some of the traces.

Concentrated Repairer 17ml

Concentrated Repairer 17ml Beauty elixir for true skin rejuvenation, provides genuine cellular repair for ageing skin.

In a quest for the latest biotechnological discoveries and in order to ensure your satisfaction, Laboratories GERnétic Int. have conducted countless tests on new natural active ingredients.

Le Concentré Réparateur by GERnétic is a highly effective product designed to slow down and reverse the process of ageing.

Apply about 2 pumps to the whole face and neck. Concentré Réparateur can be used by itself or in conjunction with Crème Jeunesse or Crème Anti-Temps.

Presented in an elegant, modern-looking pump-dispenser (17 ml).

Active Ingredients

Concentrated solution of peptides with 17 amino acids including 8 essential obtained by the hydrolysis of glutamine-rich barley, wheat and oats.

Palmitoyl pentapeptides 3 with lysi-threoni and threoni-lysi-seri sequences from the C-terminal part of collagen I.

Compound containing 18 amino-acids.

Xylem sap containing numerous minerals and trace elements and vitamins.

A tensor agent from Kigelia africana and Quillaja saponaria Molina trees.

Vitamin E.

Home use:  Am & PM

Youth Cream 50ml

Precious day cream with tensor effect, helps the fight against wrinkles to regain and maintain a youthful appearance.

Youthfulness is not only a matter of a pleasant physical appearance, but also a reflection of a deeply positive state of mind.

When beauty and high morale are jointly found, our chances at achieving success in life are multiplied.

Laboratories GERnétic have developed this Crème Jeunesse with an intense biological power that the skin on your face (and hands) is sure to appreciate to the maximum.

Enjoy revitalising, smoothing, softening and health-promoting benefits that will become everyone’s envy.

Youth Cream is a powerful cocktail of active nutrients with revitalizing and regenerative properties to combat ageing at the cellular level.

Presented in an elegant glass container (50 ml).

Key Ingredients

Desoxyribonucleic acid from fish milt.

Lipopeptide tyrosine-arginine associated to a polypeptide-glycopeptide compound with 15 amino acids.

Amphiphilic b-lactoglobuline with lactic acid.

One active compound that stimulates the activity of the Langerhans cells.

Sea fennel, rich in vitamin C and minerals.

One repairing enzyme from Thermus thermophilus, a bacterium that lives in the hot springs (75°C) found on the sea floor.

Vegetal glycoprotein.

One complex of essential amino-acids.

Oil rich in gamma-linolenic acid.

Home Use: Morning

In the morning, apply a small amount to the whole face and neck.

La Crème Jeunesse can be used by itself or in conjunction with Concentré Réparateur.

Time-Defying Cream  50ml

Divine anti-ageing night cream, generate and revitalises the skin tissues of the face.

Les Parfaits help defy ageing through its regenerating effect.

Sleep is a very important element in restoring energy and magnetism levels. At night, time does not stop, but the beneficial waves repair and slow down ageing, regenerating both the nervous system and psyche.

Le Crème Anti-Temps works to gently and thoroughly regenerates skin by allowing cutaneous cells to rest in view of improved renewal activity.

An effective high comfort product to remain young, inhibiting the ageing process and reclaiming a few years in the race against time.

Presented in an elegant glass container (50 ml).

Key Ingredients

Biological compound with phytosterols, phospholipids and vitamins A, D and E.

Marine oligosaccharide.

One tripeptide, glycine-hystidine-lysine, a fragment of the collagen chain.

One active compound that stimulates fibroblast activity and mitochondrial respiration.

One anti-free radical element acting on the phosphocreatine precursors.

One complex of essential amino-acids.

Peptides, mineral salts and vitamin B3.

Evening primrose oil rich in gamma-linoleic acid and liposoluble vitamins A, D and E.

Home use: Night.

In the evening, apply a small amount to the whole face and neck.

La Crème Anti-Temps can be used by itself or in conjunction with Concentré Réparateur.

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